Welcome to Southampton Wedding Photography!

Hi I'm Simon Heron and most of my life I've had a camera stuck to my face. It started as a boy photographing Seabirds (using my dad's old camera) in my native Jersey. As I got older I moved from bird watching into surfing and earned kudos by taking cool shots of the guys on their boards. I was clearly a better photographer than I was a surfer...

I’m married to the beautiful Wendy my 'camera widow' wife, and one of the things I really remember from our wedding day was that it was an absolute blur and how exciting it was getting the photos back, to help fill in the blanks with everything that had gone on - 

The couples I shoot tell me exactly the same thing now!

We have two brilliant kids, Ericka the amazing Ballet dancer and Kristian the Comedian who tells me he’s "Well Hench" which I think means cool.

I'm very much a 'half full' sort of guy, I enjoy great films, Coen Brothers (at their best), Tarantino (at his most humorous), music from Diddy to David Burn via Dolly Parton with a smattering of old school ACDC. I enjoy cooking when there’s time to play. I love Skiing and I have even been lucky enough to have had a few sessions in a Helicopter.


As an Art Director in a leading design consultancy most of my time is spent on management and I don't get to do as much creative work as I would like, so I channel my pent up creativity through my camera in my free time.

My weddings photography is a great way to to have real creative freedom and produce work that really touches my clients lives in a way that commercial jobs never can. What I really hope to capture is the emotion, joy and fun, of these special days and I hope this sensitivity makes my work stand out from the crowd.


Four years at art college, a member of the CSD, BDI and Canon’s CPS. 

I have huge experience in all aspects of photography, most importantly I’m great with people and really enjoys working face to face, be it with a large group or just one to one. 

Simon H X