St. Paul's Cathedral London - the wedding photography Olympics


In wedding photography St. Paul's Cathedral London is probably as close to the photographic Olympics as it gets! So imagine the scale and grandeur of the magnificent building, the legacy of Lady Di's wedding venue and I'm the only person in the whole place allowed to use a camera granted special permission by the Bishop of London - So no pressure!!!

At the end of the ceremony James and Amy (the beautiful bride and groom) had requested a group family portrait on the main steps at the Cathedral's west entrance, clearing this of tourists eager to see what was going on, "Who are the couple" etc., was no small task for both myself and my assistant Ericka - It's not often I'm photographed taking photographs.. It would be interesting to be sitting in various Japanese living rooms when they are showing off those shots.

In the end everything ran like clockwork and the resulting shots looked amazing to quote Amy.

"you did brilliantly inside the cathedral despite the strict rules - really capturing the scale and majesty of the building. You also managed to get lots of lovely pictures of our friends and family"